What is Grade 12 called in Canada? (2023)

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What do you call a 12th grader in Canada?

In Canada, the twelfth grade is referred to as Grade 12. Students generally enter their Grade-12 year when they are 16-or 17-years old. If they are 16-years old, they will be turning 17 by December 31 of that year. Thus, students in Canada generally graduate high school at 17-or 18-years old.

Is Igcse equivalent to Grade 12?

While it is generally accepted that the International GCSE (IG) is equivalent to the South African grade 11, AS level to the South African grade 12, and A level to a grade 13, USAf accepts a combination of these qualifications in order to issue a full university exemption.

What are grades called in Canada?

In general, elementary school in Canada runs from kindergarten to grade 6, junior high or middle school runs from grades 7-8, and high school runs from grades 9-12. This varies from province to province.

What is the equivalent of 12 grade?

High school equivalency in the U.S. means that students have knowledge and skills at the same level as students who finished high school (grade 12). They can achieve that status by completing the GED or the alternative HiSET. Which option is available depends on the state.

Is 12th grade high school in Canada?

Also known as secondary school, high school runs from grades 9 to 12 in most Canadian provinces and territories, except Quebec, which starts in grade 7 and ends in grade 11. After successfully completing high school at age 17 or 18, students can go on to college or university.

What do Canadians call high school grades?

In most provinces, middle school runs from Grades 6 to 9 (age 12-15). In Ontario, though, it normally only includes Grade 7 and 8. High school: High school, also sometimes called “senior high school” or “secondary high school,” marks the end of compulsory education in Canada. It normally runs from Grade 9 to 12.

What is Grade 12 in the British system?

In the US system, less emphasis is placed on exams and students study general subjects until the end of high school, which is Grade 12 (the UK equivalent of Year 13).

What is a Grade 12 qualification?

A National Senior Certificate (NSC) is a South African Qualification awarded to learners who pass Grade 12 in High School, which is also known as Matric. It takes 3 to 5 years to complete a National Senior Certificate.

Is a level equivalent to 12th?

No. Equivalence certificate from AIU confirms that your Cambridge International A Level qualification is equivalent to 10+2 qualification from any Indian exam board. Equivalence is not necessarily sufficient to meet eligibility requirements for specific courses and at different institutions.

What is Grade 13 called in Canada?

The Ontario education system had five years of secondary education, known as Grade 13 from 1921 to 1988; grade 13 was replaced by OAC for students starting high school (grade 9) in 1984. OAC continued to act as a fifth year of secondary education until it was phased out in 2003.

What is a Grade 11 called in Canada?

Secondary education in Quebec continues to Grade 11 (Secondary V), and is typically followed by college, a two year pre-university (university for Quebecers is three years, except Engineering), or three year vocational program program taken after high school.

Does Canada have 13 grades?

Grade 13, which was officially called the Ontario Academic Credit starting 1984 — known colloquially as OAC — began being phased out with Grade 9 students in 1999 and was eliminated in 2003.

What is 12th pass called?

In India, the HSC/Intermediate and PUC Certificates is known as "Class 12th Certificate" and also known as "+2 Certificate".

Is Grade 12 the same as Matric?

There is no difference between Matric and Grade 12. Both terms mean the same thing. Grade 12 or Matric refers to the last class in High School.

Is a GED equivalent to a Grade 12?

The GED® Testing Service offers a Grade 12 high school equivalency test. Anyone offering an online GED® test is fraudulant. You can only prepare for your GED® test online, but you have to write the exams at an official GED test centre. You cannot write GED® exams online or at home.

Is Grade 12 mandatory in Canada?

By law, all children in Canada are required to attend school. Based on the province or territory, schooling for children begins at the age of five or six and continues until the child is 16 or 18. The school system for Canadian children begins with kindergarten (elementary school) and progresses to grades 1 to 12.

What is K-12 in Canada?

K-12, a term used in education and educational technology in the United States, Canada and some other countries, is a short form for the publicly supported school grades prior to college. These grades are kindergarten (K) and first through 12th grade (1-12).

Is high school diploma same as 12th in Canada?

The school system for Canadian children begins with elementary school and progresses to high school (or secondary school). This system is composed of twelve grades. Once a person completes Grade 12, they receive their high school diploma which makes them eligible for post-secondary education (college and university).

Is high school 10th or 12th in Canada?

Secondary (or high) school

Secondary education is generally for kids 12 to 18 years old. This group usually includes Grades 7 to 12.

What are grades 11 and 12 called?

Senior Secondary School/Higher Secondary School

Senior Secondary Schools in India include classes 11th to 12th and consiste of students aged between 16-18 years usually. At this level of education, students can choose their preferred stream and subjects.

What are Grade 11 and 12 students called?

SENIOR HIGH (Grades 11-12)

The choice of career track will define the content of the subjects a student will take in Grades 11 and 12. Each student in Senior High School can choose among three tracks: Academic; Technical-Vocational-Livelihood; and Sports and Arts.

Is UK or US school harder?

Pace. In the case of the British curriculum, it can be found that in primary/secondary school, the level of learning in the U.K. school system was considerably higher. The students have in-depth knowledge of each topic taught in each stage.

What is 11th and 12th grade called in UK?

A Sixth Form College is the equivalent of 11th and 12th in India. In the UK, at the age of 16, students give their school final exam called GCSE, which is also known as matriculation or SSC board exams in India. Students go to a Sixth Form College after giving the 10th board exams.

What is a Grade 12 learner called?

In general usage, the school-leaving exams, which are government-administered, are known as the "matric exams"; by extension, students in the final year of high school (grade 12) are known as "matriculants" or, more commonly, "matrics".

What is a Grade 12 pass?

A candidate must pass at least 6 out of 7 subjects and obtain: At least 40% in your Home Language. At least 40% in two other subjects.

What is a Grade 12 student?

Grade 12 is usually a student's last year of high school. This is the year they attempt to finish meeting their graduation requirements.

What is A-Level equivalent in USA?

For those considering US universities, the American equivalent for A Levels are the AP examinations.

Are A Levels accepted in the US?

A Levels are recognised all over the world. Universities will specify the grades and the subjects required to enrol in their degree programmes. A Levels are so highly regarded that in the USA, good A Level grades will mean students get credit and can directly enter the 2nd year of study.

Is Grade 12 a secondary level?

Lower Secondary Education (Junior High school): Grades 7 to 10. Upper Secondary Education (Senior High school): Grades 11 to 12.

What grade are you in at 15 Canada?

Canada's grade levels compared to other countries
Starting ageCanadaUnited States
14-15Grade 9Grade 9
15-16Grade 10Grade 10
16-17Grade 11Grade 11
17-18Grade 12Grade 12
12 more rows

What do Canadians call 7th grade?

Canada. Grade 7 in Canada is the first year of junior high school, middle school, or the second last grade of junior/elementary school.

What is 10th called in Canada?

In Canada, grade 10 is the 10th year of mandatory schooling. Depending on province, it may be the first (grades 10-12 high school), second (grades 9-12 high school), third (grades 8-12 high school), or fourth year of high school (grades 7-11 high school).

What is matric Canada?

To understand this, we must look at the education systems found in both Canada and Pakistan. A high school in Pakistan is until Matriculation (Matric) or 10th grade, whereas Canada considers high school up until 12th grade.

What is 11th and 12th called in USA?

High school / Senior high school

High schools, or senior high schools, are schools that span grades 9 or 10 through 12.

What are 9th 10th 11th and 12th graders called?

These same terms apply in the same way to the four years of a standard high school: 9th grade is freshman year, 10th grade sophomore year, 11th grade junior year, and 12th grade senior year.

What grade is a fail in Canada?

What is a 4.0 GPA in Canada?
Letter GradeDescriptionGPA
4 more rows

What is an A+ in Canada?

Ontario Letter Grade
GradeScaleUS Grade
10 more rows

What grade is a 16 year old in Canada?

Lenth of study: Most Canadian education systems continue up to grade twelve (age seventeen to eighteen). In Quebec, the typical high school term ends after Secondary V/Grade eleven (age sixteen to seventeen); following this, students who wish to pursue their studies to the university level have to attend college.

What is secondary school called in Canada?

Secondary Education

Also known as high school, this level runs from Grade 9 (ages 14 to 15) to Grade 12 (ages 17 to 18). Ontario has a Grade 12+. In Quebec, students attend high school until the age of 16.

What is a Grade 11 in Canada?

Canada. In all provinces and territories, except Quebec, a student continues to Grade 12 to complete their high school, or secondary, education. In Quebec, Grade 11 (sec. 5) is the final year of secondary education, followed by CEGEP (college), a pre-university level unique to Quebec.

Can I study 12th grade in Canada?

A. Yes, you can study in Canada even with less percentage in Class 12th. As mentioned before, your eligibility and admission will depend on your Test Scores and Language exam scores. Further, you can opt for some Diploma Programmes in Canada or SPP Colleges.

What is Grade 12 called in America?

High School (9th or 10th to 12th grade.) The schools following elementary school are collectively referred to as secondary education. In other countries, this is often called "middle school" and "high school" would be after the 11th or 12th year. Schools are administered by School Districts.

What is the school system in Canada?

In most Canadian schools, boys and girls learn together in the same classroom. Students are taught by teachers, who often have a university education. Each province and territory has defined a set of skills and classes that students must learn in each grade. This is called a curriculum.

Is 19 a minor in Canada?

The age of majority is 18 in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Saskatchewan. The age of majority is 19 in British Columbia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and the Yukon.

What age is high school in Canada?

Secondary (or high) school

Secondary education is generally for kids 12 to 18 years old. This group usually includes Grades 7 to 12.

How old is a 12th grader?

The twelfth grade is the twelfth school year after kindergarten. It is also the last year of compulsory secondary education, or "high school" in the U.S. Generally, students enter the grade as 17-years-old and graduate as 18-years-old.

What are the 4 levels of education in Canada?

Although it varies from province to province, in general, Canadians must attend school until the age of 16, and it is comprised of four levels.
  • Pre-elementary. ...
  • Primary. ...
  • Secondary. ...
  • Post-Secondary Education.

What is high school like in Canada?

The Canadian high school system is generally quite similar to the US. One key differentiator is that each country's schooling is designed to support post-secondary applications within the same country.

What is the last year of high school called in Canada?

Grade 12 presently serves as the final grade in all provincial secondary curriculums, except Quebec, whose secondary schools ends after Secondary V/Grade 11 (age 16 by September 30, Quebec cut off date is earlier); after which, students who wish to pursue further studies may attend a post-secondary institution.


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